Global Post Translational Analysis;  Phospho-Proteome and BioID


This service will start with cell pellet or animal tissue (from you, hopefully not your own tissue) and deliver:


       1) Sequencing and Identification of Phosphorylated or Biotinylated Peptides.


       2) Label Free Peptide Quantification or Labeled (SILAC based) Quantification.



 Note: Since site specific PTMs can vary independent of protein concentrations, for quantitative work flows it is highly recommended that general proteome changes for the samples be analyzed independent of the enrichment mehods. This can be acheived using Label Free Quantitation or mass tag based strategies such as SILAC, TMT or iTRAQ. Extra charges will apply for these experiments.



                  Phospho Proteome



Please contact us regarding other Global PTM (Acetylome, Phospho Tyrosine Proteome, etc.) analysis that follow similar work flows to the ones listed above.