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Instrumentation: SCP TimsTOF

The timsTOF SCP for quantitative single cell biology research with unbiased, deep single-cell 4D-Proteomics™, immunopeptidomics, epiproteomics and PTM analysis to complement scRNA-seq. Expanding the horizons of single cell research.

timsTOF SCP is coupled to high throughput EvoSep Ultra-HPLC systems for LC-MSMS analysis. For specifications on these instruments please follow the links to the manufacturer's websites.

Advanced ion optics and PASEF® to investigate cell heterogeneity and biology from a single cell
Mass spectrometric proteomics has become a staple of modern research in understanding biological function and disease mechanisms. Healthy or diseased tissues that seem homogenous are composed of cells with a variety of different proteomes. The challenge of deciphering the proteomes in each single cell – the cell heterogeneity – holds the key to fully understanding its function.
The timsTOF SCP offers a radically improved ion source concept. Combined with parallel accumulation serial fragmentation (PASEF®) acquisition methods, it provides extremely high speed and sensitivity to tackle proteomes of single cells or post translational modifications in a few cells that are morphologically or functionally similar.